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Fleet - Transportation

Manage your fleet vehicles by tracking valuable asset information, tracking the flow of work orders, performing valuable preventative maintenance functions, and organizing information like oil and gas consumption, depreciation, and other maintenance related functions.


  • Increase asset life
  • Decrease work order completion times
  • Optimized parts inventories
  • Reduced contractor costs
  • Produce valuable maintenance reports
  • Reduced maintenance related costs

Fleet mangers demand reliability in their vehicles. They need to perform valuable preventative maintenance functions in order to prolong the life of their vehicles and decrease the time it takes to complete work orders so their vehicles can get back on the road to produce revenue. Performance Plus is designed to organize fleet vehicle maintenance in order to meet those needs. This 100% Web-Based solution manages everything from vehicles, facilities, rooms, machinery, and grounds. Performance Plus tracks assets and organizes work orders, preventative maintenance, parts inventory and several other necessary maintenance tasks that will help fleet managers gain a true competitive advantage in their maintenance operations.

"Our customers like how easy it is to manage the flow of work orders and track preventative maintenance tasks on fleet vehicles. We get several compliments from maintenance workers on how easy it is to find past histories of work orders, preventive maintenance on their vehicles and other critical maintenance details. We built Performance Plus to help fleet managers improve there operations and increase the life of their valuable assets." - Brian Martin (Marketing and Research Team-Performance MMS)

+ Asset Management
+ Work Orders
+ Preventative Maintenance
+ Scheduling
+ Parts Inventories
+ Purchase Order Tracking
+ Warranty Tracking
+ Depreciation
""Logging work orders and scheduling tasks has become a huge asset for our company and our maintenance department.""
Kent Davis
United Equipment Accessorites